2023. 02. 09.


Magyarlaki’s latest body of work now on show at Heart & Cherry Limited Editions, delves into questions around intimacy, social relations and body image. The sculptures are dynamic representations of a body intertwined within itself or with another, re-enacting or opposing social schemas of togetherness.

The Body Shema series invite us to experience anthropomorphic volumes that are fluid, emotive and relational, stripping back the layers of our sociopolitically constructed outer shell to reveal a more vulnerable, visceral core:

an inner self we may all draw immense knowledge from.

With this series of sculptures the artist seeks to find expression for the psychological and social aspects of body-image, self-worth and identity formation.

The body and architecture are central to Bence Magyarlaki’s sculptures, which balance their entity in states of in-between. His works encapsulate the tensions within movement, questioning the patriarchal values reflected in our societal structures and the control on our identity and its desires. Magyarlaki’s work is influenced by Michel Foucault’s idea that the body is the ‘seed’ to resistance against dominant discourses. His sculptures contain transformation in themselves, exploring issues of sexuality, identity, fragility, power and social change.
Carolina Grau In.: Youhu, The New Generation of Hungarian Contemporary Art, 2022, p. 326.