Sky On Your Shoulder

2023. 07. 12.

Sky On Your Shoulder

Each year, Heart & Cherry Limited Edition collaborates with different emerging artists to gives life new limited-edition fine art serigraphs:

Barabás Zsófi
Moizer Zsuzsa
Nemes Márton
Csató József
Fridvalszki Márk
Dallos Ádám
Néma Júlia
Puklus Péter

This year, the gallery created a series of screen prints and lithographs with the internationally known and recognized Botond Keresztesi and Zsófi Barabás. The works of the two creators can be found in the most important international and domestic private, corporate and institutional collections. They are the most defining figures of their generation and contemporary Hungarian fine art.

The works perfectly reflect the formal and content suggestions of Barabás and Keresztesi’s painting practice, which the special technique of screen printing and lithography perhaps makes even more tangible, and the medium of paper even closer.

Collaborating partners:

Magyar Fotográfiai Egyesület
Haraszthy Pincészet
Black Lake Water
Deák Erika Galéria